This rectangular lidded butter dish is the prefect size to hold a standard stick of butter.  The base is formed by draping a slab of clay over a form, and then refined.  The top of the dish if formed by pressing clay into a mold by hand called a “press mold.”  It is then refined and a handle is added.  You can see the makers hand on the inside of the lid where we have pressed it.  Please note that also the lids are fired on a stilt in order to have glaze wrap the entire piece for a nice finished look.   The stilts leave a scar where they touch the underside.  They do not affect the function of food safety of the piece and we have ground these stilt scars smooth.  Please also be aware that since these pieces are hand formed from a slab and not thrown there will be some slight warping.  This means the pieces do not sit perfectly flat and will have a little bit of rocking/wiggle.


Overal Size: 4"H x 4.25"W x 7.5" L

Pattern: Mixed Berry 


Please be aware that despite our best efforts color and hue will vary on phone and computer screens. Our pottery is dishwasher, microwave, oven and food safe. Please refer to our Pottery Care Policy.

Rectangular Lidded Butter Dish

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