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Clay Fish Renditions

We began creating our fish in 2005.  Over the years our techniques, attention to detail, and quality continue to evolve getting ever better delighting our collectors.  

Currently we do not take orders on our fish.  We offer them primarily at fine art fairs, and by request (if we have any) at our shop.  This is due to the time intensity it takes to create our fish and the demand from our enthusiastic collectors.  They are made in limited quantity through the year time permitting.  


Our fish are obtained in a variety of ways including hook and line, purchase, gift, research study reject.

After We have a specimen to work with we carefully make a plaster casting.  This plaster casting called a "press mold" is used to help begin with a likeness of the fish.  We can then start with a flat slab of clay pressing carefully into the mold.  


We then remove the pressing and begin the refinement process.   As artists, we then breathe life into the piece by sculpting and carving to complete details and add features like teeth that do not transfer from the pressing process. 

After the fish is completed it is allowed to dry and then is fired for the first time in a bisque firing.  At this stage the piece is ready to glaze (where color is applied).  Our glazing is done by hand by brushing layers of glaze to achieve the desired effect.  Our fish eyes are in fact glazed, and not added after the fact.   Once glazed it goes back into the kiln where it is fired to over 2,000F.

After this final firing additional touch up and hanger are completed.  If all goes well we will have a finished piece of fish art.  

As these fish are fired to a high temp. they are archival, meaning sunlight and moisture will not affect the integrity of the piece.  This allows more installation options in the home.

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