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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use your pottery?

Yes!  Our pottery is made with stoneware clay making it durable for everyday use.  Our Pottery Is DISHWASHER, MICROWAVE, OVEN, and FOOD-SAFE.

Do you use real Mississippi Mud?

We do not use material directly from the river.  We purchase our clay locally from our supplier in St. Louis, MO.  This is to ensure our quality and consistency of the clay we use in our ware to make you a better product.  It also saves us time allowing us to spend more time making.  We do use the river directly for inspiration.  The mighty Mississippi River has inspired our name and many of our colors and patterns.

Do you teach classes?

At this time we are not able to offer this service.  We have a small and bustling studio with no room to spare.  You are welcome to learn by watching us work and asking questions.  It's helpful to call ahead to make sure someone is working during the time you wish to come.  We recommend community colleges, Jacoby Arts CenterKrueger Pottery Supply, and Craft Alliance as a few places you can take a class.  

Can I make or paint pottery at your shop?

We currently do not offer this service.  There are places of this nature in the St. Louis region.

Do you sell supplies?

We do not specialize in selling clay supplies.  We recommend Krueger Pottery Supply in Webster Groves, MO.  We are always happy to sell some of our clay.  We carry cone 6 Laguna WC607, and some reclaim from the same body.  We recommend that you call ahead for availability.

Do you repair pottery?

We do not offer repair services.  Repairing pottery is a very different skill set outside of what we do.  We recommend Creative Clay Restoration and Hamlin Restoration Studio.  There is also a variety of information online in general.  

Do the handles on your pottery get hot in the Microwave?

In our experience this is usually not the case, although it is a possibility.  Generally, for quick warm ups this has not been an issue.  Microwaving for longer periods if time, or until the point where water boils could lead to a warm or possibly hot handle.  Clay is similar to glass and will only act as an insulator for so long. 

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