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Our Patterns

We appreciate the handmade nature of our pottery and hope you do as well.  Our Patterns can be applied to any styles of our ware.  Although we work hard to keep our colors and patterns fairly consistent, please keep in mind each piece is truly unique. This is the charm of handmade pottery.

-Please be aware that hue and consistency of our patterns will generally have slight variation. From firing to firing and from year to year, the variation can be greater.

-Patterns like Wildflower, Poppy, Shamrocks, Fern, Wisteria, Snowman and sponge ware are especially prone to variation in consistency and hue. This is true from piece to piece even in the same firing as we are brushing them by hand.  We cannot guarantee the vibrancy (lightness/darkness/hue) brushed on patterns.  

-Wax resist patterns like Fish, Turtles, Swirl, Bluejeans and Ivy will have better clarity of design on flat surfaces like plates.  On vertical pieces like mugs or crocks the design can have distortion caused by glaze movement in the firing.

-Splash Patterns like Artsy Fartsy and Coral Reef the glazes literally splashed on.  The glaze will fall on each piece in a unique fashion.  We cannot guarantee the proportions of each glaze color.

-Please keep in mind that all computer and phone screens can portray color differently.  For a definitive color viewing it is best to view our pieces in person.  Also some of our glazes are gloss, matte, satin, or a combination of the listed.  This may also be hard to fully view on a computer screen.

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