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Custom Logo Wares

We are happy to work with you on creating custom logoed ware.  We are excited for your interest in our work.  The best option is to stop in our shop so we can give one-on-one consultation and show you specific examples in person.  We enjoy making beautiful quality logo ware and work very hard to provide the best quality and craftsmanship in our work.  Listed below are a few good points to consider before placing an order with us.  

Please give us enough lead time to create your logo ware. 

There are more steps to the creation process that add to the timeline.  For the first run of logoed wares WE NEED AN ABSOLUTE MINIMUM OF 3 MONTHS  depending on the size and complexity of your order.  We need more time to work through finalization of logo artwork, having your logo produced in a stamp or decal form, and a finished prototype you are satisfied with before proceeding.   


Repeat Orders  

Repeat orders should generally fall into our 8-10 week time frame if nothing has changed.  We try our best to complete most orders in the listed time frame(s), but this is not always the case.  We regularly struggle with time management between making and running a business.   Seasonally the volume of orders and demand can greatly increase.  Sometimes with the nature of clay our first or second or even third attempt at a piece may not work out. 


If you are willing to be patient and flexible we will work very hard creating our pieces with quality and craftsmanship in mind.  We value quality rather than quantity.  It takes a much higher degree of skill and patience to make sets as opposed to one-of-a-kind pieces.  This also makes it harder for us to hire extra employees as a simple way to increase supply.  98% of our custom orders are created and finished by only two people, which is a bottleneck for production.  We value, and are so appreciative that we have such patient and loving customers…Thank you

"Badge Ware" mug example
"Decal Ware" mug example

Logo Style/Process

There are two process options we use to apply your logo to our ware.  We can make “Badge Ware” or “Decal Ware.”  Both have different features and style, and are dishwasher, microwave, oven and food safe.  

Badge ware is generally the most popular option.  For this process we have your logo produced in the form of a rubber stamp.  We can then use that stamp to impress clay and create a badge that we apply to the surface of a pot.  For flat ware like coasters or plates we can also press it directly into the surface instead of applying.  Check out our process and some suggestions below...  

-Logos that are of a bold and simple design translate best to this process.  There may be some compromise of spacing and font to achieve the best quality pressing.

-Badge ware is a solid color process, meaning that the color of your logo is limited to one color.

-Badge ware can be applied to most any of our shapes and styles of ware.   

-The logo is durable and is permanent and will not fade.

*To create your stamp we need a photo-ready black and white high resolution JPEG or PDF.  Your logo image must be at least 3ʺ x 3ʺ (900 pixels x 900 pixels) at 300 dpi

(Images acquired from online and from your phone will generally not meet specifications.)

Decal ware is the second most popular choice.  For this process we have your logo produced as ceramic decals.  Decals are applied to a finished piece and fired on in a third firing.  Check out our process and some suggestions below...  

If your logo image does not meet these standards we recommend you work with a professional graphic designer of your choice.  We can offer some limited graphic design services in house starting at $80.00per hour with a 1 hour minimum. 

-Logos that are more intricate/busy or need full color this is the better choice.


-Shapes of our ware are limited for this process as we need a flat surface for the decal to properly  lay on.  Forms that are bellied or curved will not work.   

-Decals are created with ceramic pigments.  There is some compromise with color.  Certain colors may not translate well, and each printing of decals can fire out differently. 


-Some glaze patterns are not compatible with decals. 

-There is a possibility the decal may change/fade over time and use, although to date we have not experienced this. 

-The decals we use are lead-free.

*To create your decals we need a high resolution JPEG or PDF logo image.  Your logo image must be at least 300 dpi at scale (finished size). 

(Images acquired online and from your phone will generally not meet specifications.)

If your logo image does not meet these standards we recommend you work with a professional graphic designer of your choice.  We can offer some limited graphic design services in house starting at $80.00per hour with a 1 hour minimum. 


Set up fee(s)

Stamps are a one-time fee per size and design and are charged at cost.  Most stamps range $25-$45

Decals are at cost.  The first sheet is $60.00, additional sheets $40.00ea.  For smaller jobs we can combine jobs and pro-rate the cost.

Decals are printed on 10x16” sized sheet.  The number of decals that fit on the sheet depends on the logo size.  

Wholesale pricing

The pricing depends on the pieces ordered, quantity and complexity.  We can certainly give you estimates prior to creating your pieces.   Wholesale rates start on logo ware in quantities of 25 or more, on run of the same item and style. (Wholesale rates do not apply to 25 items that are different.  We can often do some different glazing in a run of the same item and still offer wholesale pricing).  Please contact us for pricing on specific items.  If items are for re-sale and non-taxable we need a copy of your resale certificate with your Tax ID to keep on file, otherwise sales tax will be collected at the time of sale.


Shipping is at cost plus handling/packaging.   Depending on the size of the order handling/packaging fees range $5.00-$25.00 per box/carton. We are always happy get you a shipping estimate prior to creating your order if you have a shipping address.  

We offer in-store pick up if you do not wish to ship.  

Please be ready to embrace the uniqueness and individual nature that is expressed in each piece of handmade pottery. 

This is the beauty in our work.  We are not using molds or machines.  We are creating on a small scale with individual human hands.  We try our best to make quality sets, but there will always be some variation in size, and glaze consistency and color.  Each firing, each batch of clay, and each batch of glaze will be slightly unique in addition to the handmade consistency.  This is what is attractive to handmade pottery enthusiasts and collectors.  If your standards or personality are not compatible or uncomfortable with things not matching exactly in size and color and consistency, then handmade pottery is not recommended.  We strive to get good consistency, but it is truly not the nature of handmade pottery.
You can view most of our colors and patterns on our "Patterns" page.

Badge Ware examples

Decal Ware examples

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